About Acetate Music

Who Are We?

Acetate Music began as a passion project dedicated to those who share the same love and appreciation for music.  

Named after the original type of master recordings utilized during the 1930's to early 50's, our team decided on the name in honor of the origin of the modern-day vinyl records which are all around us. Being avid fans of all things vinyl, we wanted to reintroduce this lost art form to audiences of all ages––most especially to those from the younger generations.

With Acetate Music, we are proud to offer a home for anyone who appreciates the artistry of quality music.

Our Goal

With our carefully curated selection of records and music merchandise, both brand new and used, Acetate Music aims to provide quality music to the homes of avid fans of the art form.  

As one of the growing online independent record stores located in Metro Manila, it is our goal to share some of today's best musical selections at the best possible prices, while simultaneously being able to promote more obscure titles and artists to a much larger audience. As you're browsing through our record sections, we hope you know that thought and effort went into the curation for each selection! 

Our Team 

Gab, Owner of Acetate Music

Since 2014, Gab fell in love with the hobby of vinyl upon inheriting his grandpa's large stack of records. Majority of his record collection is comprised of his favorite genres––soundtracks, disco, and funk––but he's been exploring more types of genres to better educate himself with all things music. Aside from record collecting, Gab considers himself to be a big geek about all things pop culture, most especially with the world of film & television. Now the age of 22 years old, he remains dedicated to spreading the love for the hobby to the people all around him.

Georgie Porgy, Mascot of Acetate Music

Born in 2019, Georgie realized her fondness for music when she started barking along to her dad's tunes. She loves to dance and give a high five every now and then, especially when it means getting her favorite snacks of apple and whipped cream in return. Although not always the handy helper in Acetate's operations, she is forever our entertainer with that dazzling smile.