Why Buy Vinyl?

Why Buy Vinyl?

Getting into the hobby of vinyl records is a big leap for those who haven't started or aren't too familiar with it, especially when considering how it's not exactly the most friendly hobby to your wallet. With how big of a part music plays in our daily lives, both in leisure and in pop culture, the resurgence of vinyl records is something that everyone's been taking note of over the past few years. So if you're on the fence of starting the hobby or looking for reasons to get into it, make sure to scroll through our guide on Why Buy Vinyl? down below!


1. The Artwork


Vinyl artwork serves as wonderful display pieces, especially since you can put them up on the wall! Everyone knows that album covers are downright gorgeous, so having them on a 12x12 size makes it easier for you to marvel at it. This isn't to say that they're posters though!


Additionally, the larger sleeves can also make it easier for collectors to read the album notes, lyrics, and credits, especially since it makes for a more fulfilling listening experience. Who wouldn't want to read the 'thank you' notes from the artist right?


2.  The Nostalgia of It


Listening to music through vinyl evokes a certain sense of nostalgia, bringing one back to the period of the 50's, 60's and 70's. This was the way our grandparents listened to music back then, so why kill the tradition today?



Despite modern advancements in technology that allow playing your music to be more convenient, playing your records serves as a way of honoring traditions of the past by giving us a different way to experience the music we love.


3. Owning the Music YOU Love!


Streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music allow us a more convenient access to music, yet it doesn't give us any ownership to the music we love. Through buying physical platforms such as CDs and vinyl records, it not only gives us full ownership of the record, but it gives us a better sense of valuing music. Additionally, it's a well-known fact that buying physical copies of the records actually helps in supporting the artists way more than the when streaming them all day, everyday!

4. Value Over Time


Unlike other music formats, vinyl is the one that retains the highest value. The effort with the records mastering, pressing, and packaging also add to the value of vinyl–specifically since a lot of people are involved with the process.


There are also a number of vinyl records which are released in more collectible formats (such as limited edition colors, special packaging, numbered editions, remasters etc.) which are more aesthetically appealing tend to increase in value throughout the years!


5. The Sound Quality


It's most likely that you've heard someone mention that the sound quality of vinyl stands out compared to other music formats. This is because vinyl has more peaks and valleys compared to the compressed digital form.



With vinyl, the music gets to fill the room in a more warm and ambient manner––making it easier to hear the subtle sounds, instruments, and even the hidden vocals within a track. All of this is a result of the devoted craftsmanship of the team involved with the mastering, lacquer cut, and overall pressing of the vinyl––which are feats that are pretty admirable on their own! 

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